February 15, 2019

With winter gone, it’s the perfect time to get your gardening touchback. The best
way to do that is by sprucing up your yard. From the waning lawn grass, shrubs,
and even yard trees you can give your yard a new breadth of life after months
of heavy blanket of snow and ice. Follow these awesome tips to help you get
your yard looking lovely and pumping with beauty once again.

Have a Landscape Plan

The lawn’s beauty will easily add to the value of your home. Having the perfect
landscape plan, before you start, is the best way to get what matches your lawn
needs and also leaves you with a cool finish.

If you don’t have any exterior design skills it will do you so much good to hire
an expert to help you out before you start working on your lawn. Remember, if
you can imagine it you can easily achieve it too.

Clean Up a Little

Start simply. That has always been what I tell my readers. With the winter killing
most trees and keeping the yard under heavy snow for months, chances are you
will have so much damage outside there.

The dullness of the trees, fallen leaves, debris, and twigs gather massive amounts
of dirt. Having a cleaning session first before thinking of anything else will
be ideal. Use rakes, gloves, and blowers for an easy experience.

Here are some of the most vital things that you can keep in mind during the cleanup
process for your lawn.

  • Remove any forms of
  • Prepare your flower
    beds by weeding and removing dirt
  • Apply pest and weed
    control options
  • Prune the shrubs

NOTE: Debris isn’t your
best friend when left in the yard. They can easily stick up the mower or block
fertilizers from being absorbed by your new lawn.

Prepare the Soil

The best way to do this is to apply fertilizer on your lawn. You should also use a pre-emergent and a weed killer and if possible amend the soil at this stage. If you don’t have fertilizer you can opt for green manure.

If you do this at the very beginning of the spring it will be awesome. It fights
any dormant weed seeds that you might have had on your lawn and allows you the
perfect timeline for reapplication.

This is a great way to prevent crabgrass. Most lawn care brands will offer the best
pre-emergent combination with weed killer so that you have a single
application. This is good at minimizing costs and time of application.

Mow Pretty Early

The biggest mistake most homeowners make is to mow late into the spring and mow
once a week during the springtime. This is bad for business especially if you
wanted healthy grass. Mowing early and often is a great way to keep the grassroots reproducing pretty easily and quite properly.

Once you mow you can build up cool some of the best relaxation setups for your
family and friends too. You can take a choice from any of these tips.

are some great ideas that will bring your family closer as they work together.
Simply give them a slight lesson on how to use a screw gun, safety when
building outdoor kits in the backyard, and types of screws and tools typical
for working in the backyard.

NOTE: It is advisable to mow every five days in the spring and also depending on the type of weather that you experience. This will be a great way to ensure that you get a thicker and fuller lawn.

Mulch It Too

Picking good and heavy mulch will be a great decision once your yard is cared for. All
you will do is edge out the lawn and also trim dead branches on the shrubs
that could be lying around. This helps to preserve the soil’s moisture and keep
the grass looking healthy and green.

A good mulch to go with is hardwood tree back mulch instead of the dyed brown
wooden chips. They usually look great and will last longer too.

Give Trees a Trim

You will never know if the tree in your yard has dead branches unless you move in
up close. Dead branches that haven’t been trimmed will easily fall off and
leave your lawn looking really bad.

The best way to stop this from happening is to get a trimmer and prune your trees once after every three years. Just remember to do this at the beginning of the spring time rather than the winter.

Wait Until the Fall to Seed

If you are still re-applying your pre-emergent or even the weed killer your grass
seeds won’t also germinate. While the pre-emergent kills the weed seeds, it
will also kill the grass seeds too. The best thing is to apply fertilizer to
the lawn and allow it a few more weeks for the shoots to grow over brown spots.

Even better, you can also use sod – chunks of lawn mounds with grass to hide the
patches. Sod is a better option for the seeds.

Additional Tips

Technically, what we have looked at is good enough if you want to have the yard ready for
entertaining guests, simple gardening, playing with your loved ones, and enjoying with your family. Nonetheless, you can also add the following.

  • Have a routine cleanup
  • Use a tiller to break
    new lawn ground
  • Building raised beds
  • Make use of landscape
  • Planting rabbit proof

These are some of the simplest tips that you can go with once spring comes around.
Don’t overthink. Keep it simple always.


Giving your yard a breadth of life after the snowy winter isn’t always impossible
especially if you have the right tips. The best thing to do is to start 
early preparation and to make the right choice of plants.

Most things around here are easy DIY programs and you won’t have to hire an expert
to help. That’s why caring for your yard is the best thing if you wanted to get
your aesthetic or gardening touch back in a heartbeat after winter.

Finally make sure you go through a few more posts, tips, and blogs before you start
out. It will help you to gather enough tips, borrow new ideas to try out and
maximize your imagination. This is super cool if you want the best yard for the

February 15, 2019








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