Gazebo designsA gazebo is a free standing garden structure with a floor and roof and open sides. This allows you to enjoy the views while obtaining some shade. Normally, a gazebo will have a bench running along the side for seating. A gazebo can be made for wood, pressure treated lumber, metal, or stone. It can have anywhere between four and ten sides and have a single tier roof or a multi-tier roof.

Given the various possibilities for gazebo designs, it is possible to have a gazebo in most gardens. Many designers now build a gazebo on to the porch or deck or close to the home to ensure it provides additional outdoor entertainment space. Once you have finished your gazebo design, you need to obtain planning permission before setting it up.

Gazebo Location

The gazebo can be located away from the house or close to it. If it is close to the house it can be used for outdoor dining. Moreover, it provides a sense of peace when it is visible from the house as you can enjoy it even if you are not able to spend time in it. Additionally, the gazebo should provide a view from inside it. Find a location from where you can enjoy the beauty of the garden, a fountain, a pond, or a vista across the fields. This means that though there can be a tree close to the gazebo for additional shade, it should not be surrounded by shrubs and trees. Instead, it should be located to provide a view of the lawn or flowering plants on one side.

Access to the Gazebo

Gazebo design When you review your gazebo designs, you need to ensure that the gazebo is easily accessible, ideally with a clearly defined path. If you plan to use it to watch the sunset or entertain in the evenings, add path lighting to ensure there are no mishaps on the way to the gazebo and back.


Gazebo is meant to be a quiet place from where you can admire the garden or nature. This means it should be away from ambient noise such as street or neighbors. If this is not possible, install a fountain or waterfall close by that will provide a soothing background sound when you spend time in the gazebo.

Gazebo Sizes

There are many gazebo sizes to chose from. Gazebos can be compact or larger, depending on the available space as well as the purpose. Those who plan to entertain in the gazebo will need a larger structure, preferably one that can accommodate a table and chairs around it. On the other hand, if you are planning a gazebo as a personal retreat, you need only a small structure with perhaps a couple of chairs.

Furnishing a Gazebo

A gazebo should be furnished with weatherproof tables, chairs, rugs, and cushions. This will ensure that maintenance is easier. If you have a bench running around the walls of the gazebo, consider adding storage under it. This can be used to store rugs, cushions, and a few board games, a binocular, and so on. Apart from this, the furniture in the gazebo should reflect your needs. Some people might like a reclining chair while other might decide to include a hammock in the gazebo.

Gazebo Decorations

Gazebo decorations Keep the gazebo decorations simple so that it does not distract from the view it provides. You can add a wind chime or two; colorful cushions and rugs, and a few potted plants to ensure that the gazebo is welcoming and warm. Sheer curtains or drapes on all sides of the gazebo will let in air and light while also providing some amount of privacy for those looking for a bit of quiet space for themselves in the garden.

Gazebo Designs

When it comes to a design choice for the gazebo, it is better to press the button for simple and clear lines. These are easier to maintain and will fit in with most gardens. However, you do need to choose a gazebo design that blends with the architecture of the main house and the garden. Formal gardens should have a gazebo with clean lines and trim, while a more informal garden can have a gazebo that makes use of thatch or tiles as roofing material. If your home is extremely modern in design and the garden reflects this, you can even flip the switch for a clear glass gazebo that is not visible from afar but provides shelter from the elements. While most people enjoy spending time outdoors in the warmer months, too much sun can be a problem. A gazebo is the perfect answer to this dilemma as it provides some shelter from the sun and rain while still letting you enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. By installing glass paned windows all around the sides of the gazebo, you will be able to use it in winter as well, as long as you have some heating system in place.
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