outdoor lifestyle ideas From relaxing under the sun to hosting gorgeous and quaint brunches and barbecues in the garden, the outdoor undoubtedly adds a charm to our living space. But in most cases, all that open area is overlooked and not utilized. Here are five outdoor lifestyle ideas that can spruce up your backyard in a jiffy and add to the value of your property.

A Relaxing Outdoor Pool

That’s right! This is the most commonly built structure in a garden or backyard. But, many of us may have bought the false notion that you require a massive space for an outdoor pool. On the contrary, today, you can find innovative designs to build a convenient outdoor pool that doesn’t eat up most of your property. Plunge pools are a poignant example. They can be circular, square, or rectangular and you can choose the design that best fits your space. Resistance jets, as the name suggests, create a resistance in the pool that helps you swim without space being an obstacle. These can be installed in the plunge pool; they also help with therapeutic exercises and swimming training. You can also use the jets to turn your pool into an outdoor spa by using the spa mode of the resistance jets. What a wonderful way to utilize your outdoor space and pamper yourself!

The Classic Gazebo

You can’t go wrong with a gazebo. A gazebo is among the oldest of outdoor structures in history. They are freestanding structures and while the conventional shapes used to be either octagonal or hexagonal, there is now a lot more room for creativity. You can choose from something like that of a Victorian style to something more rustic or contemporary. You needn’t worry about space, as you can invest in a DIY gazebo kit that perfectly suits your outdoor space. classic gazebo

A Comforting Deck

A deck provides a home with an extensive space to lounge in. It is nothing but a patio that is higher than the ground level of the home, but it sure does its bit in beautifying the home and allowing you to take in the soothing view of your garden. Typically, a deck is built using wood or vinyl. Commonly used wood types include cedar, redwood, and pine. However, it is important to maintain the wood to keep it from decaying and warping. A tremendous set of outdoor furniture and lightings would liven up the deck for a quality time with family and friends.

A Pretty Patio

A patio is definitely the most versatile space you can have at home. An ideal space for a patio is the rear of the house or the garden. It can be attached to or detached from your home. Usually, the landscape is taken into consideration when designing a patio. You can build your patio into a variety of shapes and sizes using a vast range of materials, such as stone, tile, pebbles, pavers, bricks, and rocks. Once it is built, all you need is some comfortable outdoor furniture to host barbecue parties, evening cocktails or just relax with a tall, cool drink in the company of family and friends. If the patio is large enough, place a daybed to relax after a hard day’s work. pergola effect

The Pergola Effect

A pergola is another outdoor structure that has lately become extremely popular, but has been around for centuries. It can be freestanding or attached to the home. Earlier, pergolas differed from gazebos in the sense that it lacked a roof and walls. However, these traditional rules have changed with time. If you love the idea of a living area outdoors, a pergola is just what you need. A pergola that is facing north will make the most use of the sun. The primary material used is wood, ranging from hardwood to softwood. But you can get pergolas made from steel and aluminum. If you are looking for rustic and traditional look and feel, opt for Western Red Cedar as your wood of choice. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and naturally resistant to pests and moisture. You can create your own private little space with climbing plants, sheer curtains, and flowering plants.

DIY Projects

DIY projects are a poetic way to set up structures like the gazebo and pergola. They are convenient and there is no need to waste time fretting over the design or materials. They are efficient. Pergola and Gazebo kits come with an easy-to-understand instruction manual, pre-cut wood panels and necessary hardware. If you choose Western Red Cedar panels, not only can you enjoy the outdoor structure, you also get the benefit of pest and moisture resistance. While you can use the DIY route to erect a pergola or gazebo with the help of DIY kits, use a professional to build your pool, patio, and deck. After all, you will be investing a lot of money and you want outdoor lifestyle ideas that are durable, beautiful, and functional.
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