OLT’s Commitment To Safety


Outdoor Living Today has worked hard to create a safe workplace for our employees. December 1, 2015 marked 1,000 Safe Days which means our employees have enjoyed an injury free work place for almost three years.

Nothing is more important to OLT than the health and safety of our employees.

We think that companies that place value on safety are also reliable, predictable and efficient. Preventing incidents ensures an organization is in control of its processes, thus improving reliability and quality, while reducing worksite injuries.

These achievements demonstrate our team members’ individual and collective commitment and dedication to high personal safety standards.

OLT Owner-Operator Greg Bailey

Industry Safety Certifications

In the last five years, we have received safety certifications from WorkSafeBC and the BC Forest Safety Council for Industry.

From WorkSafeBC, we are Certificates of Recognition (COR) certified. COR is a nationally recognized audit, certification, and incentive program, rewarding employers that go beyond the legal requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Regulation by taking the “best practice” approach to implementing their injury prevention and injury management programs. Participation is voluntary.

The BC Forest Safety Council for Industry deemed OLT SAFE certified. SAFE is a safety initiative developed by the BC forest sector designed to improve safety.

The BC Forest Safety Council evaluates companies’ safety programs using industry-recognized audit protocols and designates qualifying safety programs as SAFE Certified. A majority of forestry contracts require bidding companies to have SAFE Certification as a prequalification.