2014 Best Picture Contest Winners



Every year we encourage our customers to send us pictures of their completed Outdoor Living Today product! The 2014 Best Picture Contest has again been a ‘bumper’ year for amazingly beautiful images.

These pictures are a great reflection on interactions with customers throughout the year past and accomplishments of all of our DIY’ers. We love to learn how you found us, what you purchased the product for and finally and most important of how you made it ‘your own’.

Thank you for letting us be part of your backyard project and we hope you will enjoy the Top 10 of the 2014 Best Picture Contest! This year we are offering not only 1, but 3 prizes! Enjoy the pictures and for more updates about our product join us on our facebook page, check out our OLT on Houzz or tweet us at #outdoorlivingtodayca .

Without further ado….the Winner of the 2014 Best Picture Contest – a 12ft Bayside Cedar Gazebo!

1. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Racicot in Ontario! The new backyard looks amazing with their 12ft Bayside Cedar Gazebo, the envy of the whole neighbourhood. The $400 win will come in handy for accessories for the pool?

2. The Camerons in Quebec told us their 10 x 12 Cedar Pergola with retractable canopy fits ‘perfectly’ and ‘highlights’ their backyard. “We only wish our summers were longer”! The $200 win should help with hosting another summer party!

3. Mrs. Lennox in Ontario just loved the 9 x 9 Lauren’s cottage for her Little Ones. Mom and kids decorated the playhouse together even down to the last broom and dust pan! The $100 win may buy some more toys and may be a tea set?

4. Mr. and Mrs. Maringeele in British Columbia found the perfect home for the Santa Rosa Garden Shed 8 x12! What a great spot for this beauty!

5. Mr. Andrei can hardly wait to use his pool this coming summer. The retractable canopy on his 12 x 12 Cedar Pergola will protect him, his family and friends from the occasional rain and extreme sun. Now the pool can be enjoyed come rain or shine!

6. Mr. and Mrs. Buckner created a classy outdoor dining area with their 12 x 16 Cedar Pergola. The backdrop looks great, provides privacy and the light make this a fantastic outdoor dining experience. Well done!

7. When the McCanns completed their 9 x 9 Penthouse, they decided to showcase the Western Red Cedar by staining it with 2 colours! “We feel the shed is the focus of our yard, even with the pool.”

8. Mr. and Mrs. Sprengeler in Iowa wanted to define different living spaces on the large patio. The lush green backyard with the retractable canopy attached to the 12 x 16 Cedar Pergola will offer protection from rain or sun!

9. Mr. Pasquero was looking for a storage shed which combines beauty and functionality. He found it in the Space Saver 8 x 4 with single door. We love the look of the foundation pavers and of course, the glorious sunflowers!

10. Mr. Barrett in British Columbia decided the paint the Gardener 8 x 8 Garden Shed the same colours as his house. A perfect example of a great foundation, great assembly and great paint job!