8 x 10 pergola

8 x 10 Pergola Breeze

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Take your dining experience to a whole new level with our 8×10 cedar pergola! Imagine having your morning coffee or relaxing with friends over afternoon tea on your own private patio.

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8 x 10 Pergola Breeze

Surprise your sweetheart with a romantic dinner under the stars! Our 8 x 10 Pergola kit is designed to fit the smallest space.

All of our cedar pergolas create a wonderfully defined space for your outdoor living enjoyment. Why not compliment your home or garden with this architecturally stylish and beautiful feature.

Your cedar pergola can be strategically placed to add privacy and focus the attention on the views that contribute to a sense of beauty in your backyard. Our cedar Pergolas also integrate well with your garden – many of our pergola owners like to grow vine plants and flowers on their pergola to add to their already impressive look and style.

10 reviews for 8 x 10 Pergola Breeze

  1. 5 out of 5


    Beautifully made, quality in every piece, assembly instructions are user friendly, very solid and sturdy, well designed. It took several days to install by two people. I do not recommend one person trying to do the whole thing. Excellent customer service. I have installed a polycarbonate roof, which gives me the perfect all weather patio.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Attention to detail and service were great ! The only point of improvement we see, would be to highlight accessories available with the initial purchase so we can save on shipping.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Nothing! Everything was fabulous!!

  4. 5 out of 5


    We built both a garden shed (as a pool house) and the pergola with some help from friends during our days off during the summer. The instructions made it straight forward and the product quality was exceptionally good. We look forward to our next Outdoor Living Today project.

  5. 5 out of 5


    It just started out having a focal point in our garden. However, it finished up as a peaceful retreat overlooking the Wallkill River in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. The contractors who built the platform also installed the pergola. They could not get over how well finished it was and the east of installation. Leave it to the Canadians to built a superior product and thanks to *** and *** for all of their help.

  6. 5 out of 5


    We were already excited about the fact that we found what we were looking for, but when Ute called to follow up after the order to prepare us for what to expect during the shipment, it left no room for surprises, right down to the assembly instructions. The shipment arrived as expected, the care and packaging impeccable to ensure it got to us in good order. The entire transaction was more than just a sale but the service pre/post certainly would make us contact Outdoor Living again for any similar projects. We now proudly display the pergola in the front of our house and could happily refer you to any admiring passerby or neighbours. Thank you.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Easy on-line purchase. Wood was great quality. All pieces sanded and no warping. All hardware included. Pergola kit was all cut, marked and holes were drilled.

  8. 5 out of 5


    We are very impressed with the design, architectural elements, quality of the wood and workmanship. Outside of a couple of small problems previously mentioned, the overall experience was wonderful. This structure draws ooohs & ahhhs from all of our neighbors and friends. Thanks for a great job.

  9. 5 out of 5


    The finished product is very attractive and is exactly as pictured on the internet. Skilled carpenters look at it and say it is an attractive design and well built. They are shocked when I tell then it comes as a kit. It was more economical to use this product than to start from scratch. It fits the yard perfectly.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Erecting our OLT Pergola was a Breeze! By the end of our second leisurely day we had our dream space. We had to make some minor adjustments to our Breeze due to limited space available and an odd slope in our concrete pad, but even with the extra time needed to do so, we completed our pergola in a weekend and have enjoyed it every day since. Thank you, OLT, for a fabulous product and for making it so easy to complete.

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8 x 10 Pergola Breeze Features

  • Western red cedar construction is environmentally friendly, provides natural beauty and is resistant to decay and insects.
  • 96 in. L x 120 in. W outside post to outside post dimensions.
  • 4 engineered 5-1/2 in. L x 5-1/2 in. W western red cedar posts provide an overall assembled height of 108 in.
  • 114 in. L x 138 in. W overall dimensions including joist and girder overhang.
  • Includes notched and pre-marked western red cedar joists.
  • Includes notched and pre-drilled western red cedar girders.
  • Hardware included screws, nails and lagbolts, some stainless steel hardware.
  • 4 sets of post skirting manufactured from western red cedar to conceal post mount hardware included.
  • Assembly time is approximately 6-8 hours for 2 persons depending on skill level.
  • Western red cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects.
  • Product ships unstained.
  • Accepts a wide range of finishes to help you create a personalized look.
  • Made entirely with renewable resources.
  • Minimal tools required and hardware included.
  • Check with your local building, zoning and neighborhood association to obtain all applicable permits before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Post Mount Brackets recommended but not included in the Kit – you can purchase these as Optional Add-Ons.

Louvered Wall Panels

Looking for more privacy? Add a Louvered Panel to any side of your pergola. Keep panels open to let the sunshine in or close easily and quickly for added privacy.

  • Add on a Louvered Wall Panel to any side of your Breeze pergola.
  • Panels are easy to assemble.
  • Louvered panels are shipped in kit form and must be assembled on site.
  • Pieces must be ordered at time of pergola order and must ship with pergola.


Post Mount Brackets

We recommend using a Post Mount Bracket to secure pergola posts to your foundation.

Although the pergola is stable and strong without installing a bracket, installation of the brackets will firm up the structure and lessen the amount of sway that may occur with your structure. In areas of high winds, please check with your local building authority to confirm suitability.

post mount brackets

The First Step

The First Step is to line up your posts with the post mount brackets so you can drill the proper holes. Watch our Lining Up Posts & Brackets video to the right.


1. Line up Post Mount on bottom of post and mark hole location.

2. Using OLT’s footprint, drill holes in your foundation for Post Mount Rebar.

3. Make sure Post Mounts Brackets are installed at the proper height, adjust as necessary.

4. Fill drilled hole with Exterior Epoxy Glue as well as apply to Rebar Post.

5. Push or bang Post Mount Bracket in hole and let expoxy cure.

6. Line up Pergola Post holes previously marked with Post Mount Bracket holes.

7. Slide 6” carriage bolt through holes.

8. Slip washer on and tighten nut with wrench.

9. Complete remaining posts.

The Second Step

Different surfaces will require different styles of post mounts. The Second Step is to follow the specific instructions for either an Existing Slab Installation (see video here), or for Concrete Set Up Installation (see video here).

  Watch Lining Up Posts & Brackets

Liftgate Delivery


If you ordered a liftgate delivery:

The driver will take your skid to the back of the truck, place it on the liftgate, lower it to the ground and place it next to the truck.

  • Use the plastic shipping tarp to cover and protect your pieces until you are ready start your project. When finished using it for this…repurpose it!
  • If liftgated down, take a minute or two to cut the straps and pull off the tarp. Check for corner damages, wood chips, sharp cuts and gauges in the product and if the pallet is broken.

Hand Offload Only:

Customer offload pergola

If you did NOT order Liftgate Delivery, you will have to hand offload:

The driver will take your skid to the back of the truck, cut the straps and hand the pieces down to you.  Most individual pieces weigh no more than 30-50 lbs.

  • There is a time limit of 15-20 free minutes so it is best to have someone there to assist you.
  • If hand offloading, briefly check all the pieces as they are handed to you.

On the Day of the Delivery

  • On the morning of the delivery, call the carrier to confirm your shipment is on schedule. Carriers typically deliver between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. – make sure you are present or have someone available to receive the shipment.
  • Make sure your delivery location is easily accessible to the truck and driver. Move vehicles if necessary. Drivers are not allowed to deliver freight that they deem dangerous to themselves or that may damage your property etc.

When the Truck Arrives:

  • While the unit is still in the truck, confirm the shipping label has your name, address and is the correct product. If not, call us immediately.


  • At the time of delivery, DO NOT SIGN until you have inspected the freight! Look inside the truck to make sure the unit is not damaged before unloading.
  • Occasionally the driver will be in a rush and want you to sign quickly. It is your right to take a few minutes to inspect the freight.
  • If you notice any damages, please make the notation ‘damaged’ on the delivery receipt upon signing for the receipt of the goods. Take pictures of anything you think looks like damage, including the pallet and call our Customer support line at 1-888-658-1658.

  • If there is damage, it is usually quicker and easier to send replacement pieces.
  • It is our policy to replace any broken or damaged pieces immediately and to your satisfaction if this notation is shown on the proof of delivery on the carrier’s copy.
  • RememberYou do not have to accept the freight! If your freight shows catastrophic damage, ie – not on a pallet or with multiple pieces broken and sticking out and without our plastic wrap, you can refuse the delivery. Please call our customer support line at 1-888-658-1658 immediately so we can advise you how to proceed.

For a more detailed read:

How to Receive Big Package Deliveries Over 150 lbs

Delivery Times and Delays

  • The time it takes to do home deliveries can be unpredictable.
  • Traffic and weather can cause delays.
  • Morning appointments are usually met, however it is possible that afternoon deliveries may be delivered late or not at all that day.
  • If you are concerned, contact the carrier terminal to make sure they are on schedule.
  • When making your initial appointment, request a morning appointment if possible. You can also enquire if the carrier does weekend deliveries.
  • Be sure to ask for a weekend contact and phone number.

Happy Receiving!


This video will show you just how quickly you can assemble Outdoor Living Today’s Breeze Pergola.

You’ll see step-by-step from beginning to end what you need to do. Don’t be intimidated by your instruction manual. It really is that simple.

How-To-Pergola Videos

See our Lining Up Post Mount Brackets Video
See our Post Mount Bracket Video Existing Slab Installation
See our Post Mount Bracket Video Concrete Setup Installation
See our Louvered Wall Panels Assembly Video